“Can I come back and go to school here?”

I heard this question a few times on Tuesday from those who joined us for Parents and Guardians Day. For several hours that morning, adults in our community walked through their children’s class schedules, sitting in on actual math, science, language, history, arts, and English classes right alongside our students. Some of the adults even participated – in some cases to the embarrassment of their teenage onlookers! 

The feedback was heartwarming. “I can’t believe how active and engaged these kids are. That’s not what high school was like for me.“ “The teachers are so creative; each classroom felt different.” “I feel so lucky that my son is surrounded by other kids who are as curious and bright as he is. He’s learning so much from them and is making friends for life.” “You’d think these kids are in college based on the sophistication of the discussion and analysis.” “Classrooms felt so safe – good places to make mistakes.” “The teachers found ways to make the material feel relevant and real.” “I hear about all this at home, but I didn’t really understand it until coming in and seeing it for myself.”

Days like this are unusual in schools. It’s typical for parents and guardians to visit with teachers to hear about their courses and to meet with advisors one-on-one, both of which we do. The reason BUA takes this extra step – opening up our classrooms to the adults in our community – is that we believe it helps our students. Great schools understand the importance of the three-legged stool in secondary education: student-parent-school. Seeing what a day feels like – the expectations, environment, pace – puts parents and guardians in a better position both to support students at home and to partner with the teachers, advisors, and staff. It’s part of how we execute on our promise to know and love each child. For all of you who joined us, thank you!

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