Yesterday’s afternoon all-school trip to the Red Sox game was just what we needed. Several teachers and I were seated a few rows in front of the students. I spent much of my time looking up at them rather than at the field. Some of that had to do with the fact that my brother is the big baseball fan in the family and that I tend to zone out after a few innings. The bigger reason, though, was that I was just so happy to be watching our kids being kids: eating hot dogs and ice cream; laughing; singing along to Sweet Caroline; dancing in their seats; cheering on the Sox despite the scoreboard; and clearly loving being together in the fresh air. It all felt so normal. 

When you combine the exigencies of the past few years with the typical challenges students take on in a school like this, there have been too few moments where our kids can just be kids. Yesterday was a reminder to me of the importance of continuing to step toward normalcy, however cautiously, and an encouraging sign of what’s ahead. Happy spring, everybody.

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