With the start of Rosh Hashanah this evening, we are entering into an important period of days for many Jewish families in our community, culminating in Yom Kippur later this month. In place of the BUA tradition of having apples and honey in the lobby, students in our Jewish Student Organization are collecting videos and stories from their classmates about how their families celebrate the High Holidays. I look forward to watching those videos and having them shared with the community. In the meantime, on behalf of the school, I wish our families a good year and blessed holidays. Shanah Tovah. 

This week also marks the start of National Hispanic American Heritage month. Students and staff at the school are working together on ways to commemorate Hispanic and Latino American culture and contribution. I saw, just yesterday, a stunning mural that students from our Latino Culture Club designed — a beautiful first step in a month-long celebration, with more to come.

I was in a meeting yesterday where a student made the point that the word “diversity” is often misused, for example when an individual from a particular racial group is called “diverse.” A single person cannot possibly be diverse; diversity refers to a collection of people from different backgrounds. It’s not just semantics. When diversity is framed, correctly, as a collective idea, then it’s clear that we all contribute to the diversity of our community. And by extension, we all have a role to play in not only celebrating that diversity, but also working to live up to our mission’s promise around inclusion and equity. I am excited to lead that work in partnership with all of you.

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